Choosing the Right Photographer for your needs

Thank you for your interest in our free guide on how to choose the right photographer.

I want to help businesses throughout the Kenai Peninsula make better decisions when it comes to the images they use in their marketing, so I put together this 26 page report where I'll give you:

                                         The five steps to follow when creating your shortlist of ideal                                                                              photographers.

                                         A collection of questions that you can copy and paste, and add into                                                              an email that you're sending to a photographer.

                                    How to assess the answers that different photographers give you so                                                                that you can separate the pros from the rest.

                                         Easy tips to help you identify a quality image so you can select the                                                                  right photographer.

You’re welcome to read the guide here:

Or click here to download this PDF and save it for later.

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If you would like to speak with SCOTT about your own photographic needs then we invite you to complete the form below, or give us a call AT (907) 830.4115

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