I want to help businesses across the Kenai Peninsula make better decisions when it comes to the images they use in their marketing, so I put together this 26 page report where I'll give you:

  • The five steps to follow when creating your shortlist of ideal photographers.

  • A collection of questions that you can copy and paste, and add into an email that you're sending to a photographer.


  • How to assess the answers that different photographers give you so that you can separate the pros from the rest!


  • Easy tips to help you identify a quality image so you can select the right photographer.

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Our Alaska Real Estate Photography service provides images that will help you attract more buyers and get a top sales price!

Are you looking for a photographer to shoot your latest architectural project? We can produce high-quality marketing images for you or your company.

Are you looking for a photographer to document or provide inspection for your latest Construction project? We can produce high-quality marketing images for you or your company.

Waterman Rd

Simpson Studios offers Virtual Tours, Walk-through Videos and Video Marketing tools. We create these for the Real Estate Industry, Business Marketing, and Agent Marketing. We can create a custom video for just about any business purpose! 

A great way to display a home is with a Video Walk Through. In today's digital lifestyle, more and more buyers are using a mobile platform to watch video and make buying decisions. This is a perfect medium to reach those potential buyers. 

Unsure if Video Marketing is right for your business? Watch this short informational Video to discover what Video Marketing can do for you! 

Are you a builder? Or an Agent listing a home with no furnishings? This is a great way to show what a room or home could look like, and gives potential buyers spatial orientation to a room size! Contact us for more info on this valuable tool! 


Hi. I'm Scott.

You’re probably here because you would like to know just a bit more about me. Well I am glad you stopped by!

I was born and raised in Columbus Ohio, (yes I am a Buckeye fan). Photography was introduced to me in high school, back in the mid 80’s. What started as a creative outlet turned into a passion, and led to my enrollment in a 2 year professional photography program. The dream of being a National Geographic photojournalist clashed with the economy of the late 80’s, so marketing and education became a direction after spending some time in the US Army.

Chasing other childhood dreams led me to live in Arizona, Alaska and Hawai’i. Throughout the journeys, photography traveled with me.

In 2005, with the advent of the digital revolution, I decided to make the switch to a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) system. Besides, I also had a color darkroom (film), and moving that around really became tiring!

During my 20 years in Alaska, I spent time working as a Mortgage Loan Officer and graduated from a local Real Estate academy (instructional course that led to becoming a realtor), though I never took the state test to be a licensed agent. Bourne from my passion of the Real Estate industry, and through working with a close friend in Hawai’i, I have blended my passions of Photography and Real Estate to form Simpson Studios.


In spare time, my other passions include fishing (I am a USCG licensed 500 Ton Master, and have Captained fishing vessels in Alaska, Hawai’i and the US Virgin Islands), Alpine Skiing, Running and Hiking.

I look forward to meeting you and putting my passion of Photography and Real Estate to work for you!



"Rain or shine, they were always there and delivered beyond our expectations!"

                          --Sam Stutt



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